Remote Technical Support & Custom Computers

Keeping your tech working for you.

Safe and secure.

We provide on-demand same day technical support and virus removal for our clients.

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Remote Technical Support & Computer Refurbishment

Same Day Support

Expert support delivered fast.

We have decades of experience with all manner of computer systems and can support any device.
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Virus Removal & Optimization

Extend the life of your devices by allowing us to diagnose and treat your poorly performing computers.

In the first half of 2022, we saw a 132% increase in encrypted threats.
(SonicWall, 2022)

Custom Computers

Intel® Core™ Processor Family

Do it all and be it all with more performance and efficiency.

We use Intel to empower our computers and provide extreme performance.
The parts we use can be customized upon request and will change to make the most of your budget.
Powerful & Fast

We equip all of our custom computers with the highest quality parts available.

Our custom computers are optimized for speed and reliability.
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Veris Solutions contributes 1% of every payment to remove CO₂ from the atmosphere through Stripe Climate.

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Website Design Example
Domains, Websites & Email

Custom, future-proof websites.

We design and host custom business domains, websites, and emails on platforms that share our focus on safety and scalability.
Prompt, Professional, Knowledgeable service.
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