Small town roots

Created for Prince Rupert.

Founded in 2016,

Veris Solutions is deeply rooted in the community of Prince Rupert. Our mission is to deliver unparalleled service to businesses and organizations in small to medium-sized markets.

Initially specializing in website design, we have strategically expanded our capabilities to offer full-service web development and hosting. In addition to our core services, we have diversified into graphic design, social media marketing, and audio-visual production to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Our team takes great pride in our long-term relationships with our clients. Our adaptability and commitment to excellence have fueled our growth and allowed us to remain at the forefront of an ever-changing digital landscape.

Looking forward, Veris Solutions remains committed to serving the Prince Rupert and the business community across British Columbia, leveraging our local insights to offer solutions that resonate with the unique needs of smaller markets.

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Prompt, Professional, Knowledgeable service.
Judy Riddell, The Berry Patch CCRR