Small town roots

Created for Prince Rupert.

We established Veris Solutions in 2016.

Our goal has always been to provide exceptional service to businesses and organizations in smaller communities.

What started as simple website designs evolved over time into full-service web development and hosting. While our focus has always been on websites and the related services, we have also served our clients by providing graphic design, social media marketing and AV production.

Veris Solutions is owned & operated by Draason Verissimo, a Prince Rupert-born nomad.

Prince Rupert, while not always my place of residence, is home in my heart. Born in Rupert and visiting a few times yearly, the charms of living there grew on me. I became enthralled by the wild and lively nature in and around the city.

I started Veris to serve valuable companies in my hometown. I am proud of the work we have accomplished so far, the long-term relationships I have built with our clients and how we have adapted our service to the changing times.

I am eager to continue serving small businesses and organizations throughout BC.

Draason Verissimo

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Prompt, Professional, Knowledgeable service.
Judy Riddell, The Berry Patch CCRR